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Outbound calling incorporates all services which we provide when we call your customers.

We call on your behalf and inform your customers about, for example, new products or services. We qualify addresses for planned mailshots or probe for definite business interest. At the same time we bring your customer database up to date.

  • Address Qualification

    Obselete addresses lead to wasteage and create unnecessary costs. On your behalf Direct Line establishes whether your correspondence partner has changed or whether the direct number and address are still correct.

    We query who the decision makers in the targeted company are, in order to pave the way for your salespersons. If requested, we can also enquire about existing needs.

    Direct Line actualises your addresses.
    You can plan more methodically.

  • C-Costumer Care

    Your salespersons are burdened by caring for for A and B customers. Nevertheless you don’t want your C-Customers to be canvassed by your competitors’ acquisition tactics.

    Direct Line stays in touch with your C Customers. We call once or twice a year, show friendly colours and keep the customer informed of current events. This way you keep these customers and don’t let any chance of intensifying business go astray.

    Direct Line realises C-Customer potential.
    You concentrate on your A and B Customers.

  • Analysis of Need

    We find out where there is direct interest in your offer, who has real needs and who is currently planning the budget. Additionaly we can determine if there are, for example, reservations regarding your product or whether your most recent offer is even known.

    Direct Line awakens interest and classifies existing needs.
    You then receive a qualified database with all relevant data.

    Direct Line determines or awakens interest.
    You receive strategic information.

  • Product Launch Support

    We introduce your customers to newly developed products. In conversations with decision makers we establish first impressions and register likes and dislikes, interest or reservations.

    This strategy gives you the ability to quickly estimate whether your product promises success. Depending on this, you can either gain early confirmation of your marketing strategy, or modify it in time.

    Direct Line informs about new launches.
    You receive initial feedback.

  • Salesperson Scheduling

    The time spent on making appointments could be time spent making sales!

    We schedule qualified appointments for your sales staff. Direct Line establishes the correct contact, their first and last names, negotiates a time and place for the appointment, enquires in advance about existing needs, and takes note of comments or critiscm.
    If requested we can also draw up a realistic route planner.

    Direct Line makes the appointments.
    Your sales team keeps them.

  • Exhibition Preparation

    You send out your exhibition invitations – we support to your invitation with a telephone call. This is more personal, friendlier and more practical. In this way you find out quickly which customers are coming and what they wish to speak about.

    Additionally we can thank them for their visit on your behalf, organise sending brochures, answer preliminary questions and determine concrete interest. No business card goes unnoticed and each and every contact is used to it’s full extent.

    Direct Line invites your customers.
    You have time free to welcome them.

  • Direct Telephone Sales

    Electronic and print media arouse attention and inform. However they don’t answer individual questions. Before any personal visit there is a preliminary telephone call, which can pave the way for a business deal.

    Here we take an active role. We inform, for example, about seasonal offers, special offers, etc and make full and effective use of all potential.

    Direct Line increases customer interest.
    You increase your sales.

  • Membership Canvassing

    As an aid organisation, an enviromental organisation or a registerd association you need constant support.

    We make the first contact, and introduce your aims to potential contributors or members, giving preliminary information and creating interest for your ideals.
    Current members are cared for by us.

    We can, for exampe, accompany you to events for large contributors, or spur new enthusiasm for members wishing to cancel their membership. Through this your members are given the impression that they, as individuals, are cared for.

    Direct Line makes the contacts for you.
    You profit from our years of experience.