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With us at your flanks you will increase the striking power of your campaign!

Lack of coordination between service agents, loss of time due to sending documents and similar stress can be avoided. Running the campaign is coordinated and controlled by our specialists.

  • Quick Response: Exhibition

    Post-exhibition work is time-intensive and just adds to the pile of tasks to do. Nevertheless, both current and potential customers expect you to react quickly after an exhibition.

    We organise this for you. We call the customers, thank them for their visit, send material or specimens and schedule appointments for further negotiations. Your speed proves your interest to the customer.

    Direct Lines reacts instantly.
    You get bonus points for speed.

  • CRM Service

    It is so much easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one. This necessitates a customer relationship program.

    The basis for targeted canvassing and constant care of your customers is an updated database. Make use of our resources and our competence. We don’t just maintain your database, we check and update the data.

    In customer conversations we determine background information, desires and intentions of your customers, laying you the essential groundwork for further marketing startegies.

    Direct Line creates a customer base.
    You stay one step ahead in business.

  • Data Mining

    With the assistance of various statistical procedures we restructure your address content and recoginse changes to customer habits early.

    Through this we can recognise migration tendencies in time for you to put countermeasures into action.

    Direct Line organises your addresses.
    You concentrate on the marketing.

  • Data Warehousing

    We can develop a database isolated from your operating system, which can be used as a management-support system.

    Data warehouses are optimised for the analysis of data retrieved from internal or external sources.

    Direct Line develops custom databases.
    You make use of internal and external data sources.

  • Lettershop

    In general, telephone marketing projects lead to mailing actions. Invitations, broschures, and drafts are posted, appointments are confirmed in writing.

    It attracts customers if little time goes by between the telephone contact and your written reaction. Place the entire course of events in our hands, from the first telephone call up to the mailing of materials.

    In this way you avoid unnecessary data transfer, which often leads to mistakes, and everything is done for you.

    Direct Line sends your correspondence.
    You avoid unnecessary data transfer.

  • Call Center Support

    We will gladly lend our support if you are considering the concept and foundation of your own call center. We can even assist you in the choice, recruitment and training of your future employees and the planning of the technical equipment.

    We can put experienced trainers and project leaders at your disposal.

    Planning your own call center?
    Direct Line gives experienced advice.
    You save both time and overheads.

  • E-Mail Response

    The flood of enquiries per email has increased and will increase further in the future. In order to keep up with this outsourcing to a service agent, to Direct Line, is recommended.

    We sort incoming mail, answer standard questions immediately and pass specific questions on to the responsible people.

    This way it is certain that you will stay in control of all enquiries and can advertise a 24 hour service without misgivings.

    Direct Line reads, replies and reports.
    You can guarantee service round the clock.